You’ve found a home that you’d like to purchase, but you have less than perfect credit to work with. Most mortgage companies won’t touch someone with a credit score of under 620, without paying high-interest rates. Did you know that at TNRD Home Loans, we can help with low credit score loans for residents of Gallatin, TN, and the surrounding regions? We have been assisting individuals with less than stellar credit achieve homeownership for many years. Our company works with each customer to not only help raise their credit score but also get a loan without the high-interest rates, making payments more affordable and in the end, increases their credit score. We offer FHA and low FICO Score mortgage programs. If you want to buy a home and lift up your credit score, pick up the phone and ask our staff today about how to participate. 

There are several types of programs that help individuals achieve homeownership without having a perfect credit score. First, you have your FHA loans, which can be used to cover any renovations that need to be done in the purchase of the home, have fewer regulations and can be made using flexible terms. To qualify, you must have a score between 580 and 639, and pay 3.5 percent of the home’s cost as your down payment. There are also programs for individuals whose credit score is below 580, which includes a 10 percent down payment to take advantage of lower interest rates. Then you have USDA and VA Loans that require a score of at least 550 to obtain the 3.5 percent down payment option. With so many options available, most banks won’t look at scores that are under 620, so let us at TNRD Home Loans help you navigate these programs to assist you in finding the best low credit score loans for your situation if you’re in or around Gallatin, Ashland City, or Fairview. We want to help you achieve your homeownership goals. 

Whether you have a prime or subprime credit score, everyone deserves the chance to own their homes. With many banks turning down potential buyers from getting a mortgage due to their low FICO scores, they are left with few options to choose from. That’s why our staff at TNRD Home Loans will work with our potential home buyers on obtaining low credit score loans so they can purchase a place they can call their own. We assist customers in Gallatin, Ashland City, Fairview, and neighboring cities in achieving ownership through one of our several programs designed for those with less than perfect scores. Instead of feeling defeated in your quest to become homeowners, let us help you find the mortgage that you need without paying a small fortune to qualify.

Low Credit Score Loans